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Hello and welcome to Extreme Locks Ltd auto locksmith training page. If you are looking to become an auto locksmith covering your area or any other area in the UK and you want to train with a no nonsense company who will take you from not knowing anything to being able to make pick, code, cut and program car keys in one simple course, then you should choose Extreme Locks Ltd as your auto locksmith training provider.


We are based in Manchester and provide training from our purpose built facility in Oldham. You can come and sit a 3 day course with ourselves running from 10am to 6pm and at the end you will have covered:


Our Auto Locksmith Course


Car lock picking


Opening the vehicle is the start for any locksmith wanting to become an auto locksmith, and once you have mastered this section of the course, then the rest should fall into place with a little help from someone who knows what they are doing.


Depending on the progression of each student, we tend to spend between 1 and 1.5 days working on unlocking various vehicles by simply picking the locks and learning the technique of picking. Picking comes easy to some people once the technique has been explained properly without all the technical mumbo jumbo designed to make it confusing and hard to learn.


Coding the car lock


Coding a lock is the process of picking the lock, then reading the lock to find its code so that we can cut a key for the lock. As 99% of all vehicles now have laser keys, we will take you through this process using the the proper picks for laser cut cars so you are experienced in 99% of all vehicles on the road and can pick a lock and cut a key for them.


The ford tibbie lock tends to be the easiest to do, and that is why most training schools only teach you on this type of lock, but as it only covers about 1% of the market we teach you the harder locks with the better equipment ensuring your success in the auto locksmith industry.


Instacode & Instacode Live


In this section after everyone has mastered the picking and coding of the locks we will run through what instacode is and why its an essential tool for all auto locksmiths who are out on the road or are cutting keys to cars that have lost their key completely.


Key duplication & cloning


Once we have been through the top three stages, we will then move onto car key cloning and key duplication. This can be a very profitable area for auto locksmiths who have shops or don't charge an additional fee for travelling to the customers premises.


In this section we will run through many of the different types of cloners you can get, the benefits of having them and which ones you will need for each type of programmer. We also dedicate a portion of this to keyline products as they have very unique offerings in the cloning and duplicating industries.


Car key cutting


Next we will move onto car key cutting and what are essential for you to cut keys for the auto industry. There are 2 main types of keys in the auto industry and you will need 2 key cutting machines if your are to cover all vehicles.


Transponders and what you need to carry with you


If you are out on the road cutting and programming car keys, then there are many different transponders you will need to have with you unless you have a device that does transponder production. In this case then you only need carry a few different transponders and you can actually make them when you are on site with the car.


Car key programming


After we have completed all of the above sections and every student is completely happy with and understands all of the above, then we will move onto the programming section of the course. This is where you will learn to use several different programmers and you will actually be going through the process of making a car key for a car that actually has no car keys.


Questions & Answers


Once you have all completed all of the above sections and you are happy that you know how to make a key for basic vehicles we will then have a questions and answers section so all of you can ask questions on any areas you may be a little unsure.


After the course


After the course you will all be given our trainers direct contact number so you can call him anytime day or night if you are having a problem with any vehicle. He is available up to 10pm 7 days a week except when he is training usually 3 to 4 days a month only.


We also offer work to all students who have completed our course anywhere in the UK. To take advantage of this you will need your UTR number, your National Insurance number, your own van, tools and a minimum of £2,000,000 public liability insurance in place.


The course is scheduled to run over 3 days from 10 am to 6pm, however if any students are still a little unsure of anything at the end of the course, then we will provide an additional half day completely free of charge where we can brush up on anything you want to or we can take you out on a real job if any are available. This is only for students who still think they need a little more training and we can re do any part of the course so there is no schedule for it.


Course Costs


Our 3 day course is priced at £1100 plus VAT and it runs usually once a month. We believe this to be the most comprehensive course available anywhere in the UK, as it is designed to take students from knowing nothing right the way through to being able to make keys for a car that has none. The course runs over 3 days and there is a lot to cover, therefore we tend to avoid a lot of the pointless technical rubbish that tutors use to pack out the course as this is a very hands on course designed to get you making money in our industry from day one.


Please feel free to contact Mike direct on 07783 670 380 anytime to discuss our course and the next available dates.