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Home Security when on Holiday

Home Security when you are away on Holiday:


When your away from home on holiday there are a few areas of security which you should consider to enable you to sleep easy in your holiday bed and have a great time. Locksmith Manchester have provided this holiday guide to help us enjoy our breaks with peace of mind:


Before setting off for your much deserved annual holiday be wise and review your home security. Most burglaries occur when you are away from your home.


A massive amount of these burglaries can be stopped by improving your home security and installing any alarm system.


The installation of an alarm, and home cameras is one of the most common and is the most effective way to improve the security of your home instantly and deter horrible thieves who prey on hard working people.


Most Alarm systems and CCTV set ups have the option of monitoring. Installation of these devices does not guarantee you immunity from crime, however other steps and precautions can be taken to improve you overall security and reduce the chance of a crime being committed against you or your family.


Some cheaper options available include installing motion sensor lighting around the perimeter of your home these make sure your home is not in darkness when someone approaches.


As well as the external security there is a great deal that can be done inside the home to improve security. Check all locks on doors and windows replace any defective locks and also increase your home security so all locks are British Standard Insurance Approved Locks so insurance wont be void after a theft.


Patio sliding doors offer easy access to your property for burglars as some models can be simply lifted off the rails and placed on one side. Installing slide bolts inside your premises can stop this from being done and they are usually installed with just 2 self tapping screws.


If possible use a safe to store any valuables make sure the safe is bolted to the floor and cant be moved. Include such items as keys to outbuildings, garages,  other vehicles and any other device that requires a key also hide a small safe where you keep cash and valuables as most thieves will not look for a second safe once they have spent time getting into the first. There is no recommended place to put a safe. There are common places, but Im not going to tell you these as criminals know them and if you give it a bit of thought every home has its own unique place which is much better.


Passports, Driving Licenses and other personal info should be stored in a safe to avoid identification theft, but that’s another article.


When you go away on holiday we would also recommend giving a trusted person keys to your home and ask them to visit regularly when your away, ask them to stay sometimes for a while and also tell them to visit at different times of day so no one can monitor them and plan their routine.


These are a few simple things that wont cost the earth that you could do to make your holiday much more enjoyable and also to make your neighbours the target not you.


Locksmith Manchester can provide home security services to all clients and we are happy to come and install new alarms, CCTV, Locks and even high security systems for you at short notice enabling you to feel happy and secure on holiday.