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Process Server Bradford

When the legal process needs to take its course and documents need to be served then you will require an experienced Process Server in Bradford It is very important that the correct legal procedure is followed when documents are being served or problems can arise at a great cost to all involved. To ensure the situation is not compromised you should always use an experienced process server like ourselves.


We are a very well established Bradford based company, who offer a process serving facility to the legal profession, government departments, corporate bodies and the private sector throughout Leeds and the surrounding areas in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules. collection of documentation can be arranged from your office and document serving completed urgently should you have deadlines to meet.


We employ a team of experts who all have a wealth of experience in process serving. If you would like to take advantage of our expertise you can be assured or a discrete, fast and effective way of serving legal documentation. Once documents have been served we will provide a complete Affidavit, that has been sworn and will be delivered to you promptly.


All costs can be agreed up front, whether you would prefer to take advantage of our competitive hourly rates or alternatively we can agree a set price up front. In addition we have special offers and discounted rates for customers who use our services regularly.

0800 2797752

    Statutory Demand

    Bankruptcy Petition

    Winding Up Petition

    Freezing Order

    Non-Molestation Order

    Residence Order

    Occupation Order

    Committal Notice

    Licensing Notices

    Divorce Petition

    Family Proceedings


    Witness Summons


    Possession Order

    Notice to Quit

    Claim Form

    Witness Summons

    N79a  Suspended Committal Order

    N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order

    Notice Seeking Possession

    N39 Order to Attend Court

    Prohibited Steps Order

Documentation Served